Veja nosso evento de sorteio ao vivo's 10h da manh !! Neo perca a chance de ser nosso vencedor! Compre seu bilhete afortunado em nossa tomada proximo !!
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Sunday, January 24, 2021 00:00:00

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Rio de Janeiro Pools regulates all aspects of gaming activity in Southeast Brazil and Worldwide. Our mission is to ensure that all lawful gaming activity conducted is of the highest integrity, credibility and quality. Operating in the most efficient and transparent manner, serves the best interests of the public by providing responsive and effective gaming regulation. The Commission strives to ensure that all stakeholders in the gaming industries, including the consumers who wager on activities regulated or operated by the Commission, are treated in an equitable and responsible manner. By consolidating various regulatory functions into one oversight body with broad powers, the Commission seeks to ensure fair and strict regulation of all gaming activity while reducing costs and regulatory burdens to the gaming industry. The Commission aspires to provide the regulatory structure necessary for New York gaming activity to operate effectively in a global, evolving and increasingly competitive marketplace to generate revenue for aid to education and for the support of government, and to contribute to overall economic development.